Our Team

Management's vision and guidance can only take us part of the way towards being successful at what we do. To be able to give our clients the service they deserve and have come to expect from us, the key is teamwork.

This strong teamwork and the cooperative interaction between everyone at all levels within CaribMedia are what take us all the way and make our high service level and attention to detail a reality.

Here is the team on a first name basis which is how we prefer it. Actual appearance may vary slightly:


Daphne - Creative Director

Mrs. Move-it-a-pixel-to-the-right kinda boss


Natasha - Office Manager

Natasha put the office up side down and made it work.She never forgets her appointments, or ours!

LisaLisa's dark side

Lisa - Web Editor

The editor, yes that's me but I also do a lot of other small works too, just like everybody else here. We all pitch in where necessary. Cookies, dragging my feet, and keeping an organized desk are my flaws.


Sebastian- Designer / Web developer

Sebastian is the can-do person at CaribMedia. Even though he recently started a career in web development, he is a jack of all trades. He designs cool looking sites, and develops them as well. Some say he is an evil mastermind, but look at that sweet face, we think he's a nice guy.


Mark - Technical Director

What can I say? I'm the boss, well when Daphne lets me think I am, that is. Favorite saying: "If its not documented it doesn't exist." And yes, I'd really rather have my long hair back and be playing guitar....one day....(sigh!). Update: hair's grown, guitar still elusive....


Raymond - Tech Support / Programmer

Not only does he have the power to freeze water but also to solve all sorts of problems. His best friend is Python, not the scaly type but the one that allows great web applications.


Otmar - Senior Web Developer

He is dedicated to his job, which includes setting up servers, deploying ContentXL, Java programming, and providing internal and external technical support. Has the patience of a saint.


Greg - Designer / Web Developer

Our resident Artist/mad scientist who recently made a career move to web development. Ask him if he thinks outside the box, and he will likely respond with "what box? The box is only an illusion."

If you feel you could fit in with this crew and are interested in being part of the team, check out our vacancies page for any job openings that may be available from time to time. If you don't see any, just drop us a line and tell us what you're good at, you never know.