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Fully responsive Cordia website launched

Following a complete redesign, the website for Cordia was launched just before Christmas 2013. It features a fully responsive, mobile-friendly design that automatically adapts to different desktop screen sizes, as well as smartphones and tablet layouts.

The website runs on CaribMedia's CMS, ContentXL allowing complete customization of design and website features, including integration with internal systems. The full line of Toyota, Lexus and Hino vehicles are featured in a fast-loading tabs presentation with extensive images and specifications.

A new image gallery style was designed for the website also, with very fast load times and high quality images. All website forms were also completely redesigned. Stay tuned for more innovations lined up for the website for 2014!

  • CMS: ContentXL
  • Custom Design by CaribMedia
  • Mobile Ready (Responsive design)
  • Includes:
    • Responsive Slideshow
    • Custom gallery display modeled after Google images
    • Complete list of vehicles and specifications

Visit the Garage Cordia website

Bendishon - Website

Fr. Daniel Szpila has been a pioneer in terms of making it a point to use technology to keep the Aruban Catholic community informed about things related to their faith. In 2013, after several years online, it was time for a visual facelift to the website, for it also to appeal to a younger and wider audience. On the functionality side, two significant additions were made to the website, being the entire online Bible in Papiamento which is searchable, and the addition of a complete Liturgical Calendar with downloadable sermons. Both of these were modules added on to CaribMedia's ContentXL CMS, which required custom programming.

  • CMS: ContentXL
  • Custom Design by CaribMedia
  • Includes:
    • Custom slideshow module
    • Custom Bible Module which allows searching and filtering for specific passages
    • Custom Liturgical Calendar Module with downloadable sermons

Visit the Bendishon's website

Casa Tua Pizzeria - Website

Casa Tua's new website features mouthwatering pictures of pizza and other Italian delights combined with a completely revamped design that is totally responsive for viewing on mobile devices. The site also provides easy access to the two Casa Tua locations and their delicious menus.

When David Nataf from Casa Tua approached us to redesign the website for Casa Tua he explained that he wanted to get people's mouths watering when they look at the site. The idea was to show the food and make it as enticing as possible. With that in mind we designed the site around large, expansive images that depict key dishes in an attractive and expansive way. Red was an desired element in the website across the board, and also David wanted us to communicate the restaurants as walk-in family-friendly locations. The idea was to communicate a strong sense of what it's like to be at the restaurant. The images themselves and the way they have been used and placed within the website helps to get these messages across. Being a modern site, it is important for it to be accessible on as many platforms as possible, and to achieve this we went with a custom responsive design and theme that adapts flexibly to varying screensizes on phones and tablets of different sizes and in different orientations.

Casa Tua

Visit the Casa Tua's website

Maggy's Perfumes, Cosmetics & Salons Aruba - Website

  • CMS: Wordpress
  • Custom Responsive Design & Theme by CaribMedia
  • The Responsive layout is Optimized for Desktop, tablet & smart phone
  • Includes:
    • Custom responsive slideshow module
    • Custom shortcodes for including pages or post lists in other pages
    • Events Module


Caribbean Queen - Website

  • CMS: Wordpress
  • Custom Responsive Design & Theme by CaribMedia
  • The Responsive layout is Optimized for Desktop, tablet & smart phone
  • Includes:
    • Custom module for Monthly Artists (Queens)
    • Custom Google map
    • Responsive Slideshow
    • Coming Soon: E-Gift Certificates ordering



De Palm Tours - Website

If you are looking for adventure on Aruba, look no further. De Palm Tours' recently redesigned website offers all the Adventure and fun you will ever need. From exciting Jeep Tours to Romantic Sunset Sailing, has it all. We have been hard at work for months re-designing their website into a site that could truly reflect who they are as a company and what De Palm Tours does.

Technologies used:
Java, JavaScript, MySQL, XHTML, CSS


Visit the De Palm Tours' website

La Cabana -Website

The recently re-designed, re-imagined, and completely re-worked La Cabana website was launched in late January 2011. The website project was in development for nearly a year and was quite a challenging one. As a timeshare resort, La Cabana spent years perfecting their particular method of operation and procedures designed specifically for them and their brand of guests. This meant that their website had to reflect these particularities, and especially take into account the needs of their members. To this effect the new La Cabana site was designed to be as easy to use and read as possible. Many hours were spent poring over content and structure to come up with the best way of presenting it clearly. The site includes a forum for members, a forms section which is outfitted with a list of specialized forms to meet La Cabana member’s varied needs, and a news feed on the home page provides website visitors with the latest La Cabana News. To La Cabana we thank you for the opportunity of working with you on this project and to all the members of La Cabana, we hope you enjoy the new website!

Technologies used:
Java, JavaScript, MySQL, XHTML, CSS


Visit the La Cabana website

Ling &Sons IGA Super Center - Website and e-commerce

The website of Ling & Sons IGA Super Center has been completely redesigned. With this redesign, the Ling & Sons website has been modernized and has made considerably more user friendly.

The website’s new theme reflects Ling & Sons IGA Super Center commitment to green. Ling & Sons IGA Super Center kicked off their green campaign to reduce the use of plastic grocery bags, and their mission is to eliminate the use of these bags entirely. They were one of the first supermarkets in Aruba that encouraged the use of environmentally-friendly reusable shopping bags.

Technologies used: Java, JavaScript, Ajax,  MySQL, XHTML, CSS



Visit the Ling & Sons website


R.E. Yrausquin and Sons - Website and e-commerce

After a number of months of hard work, phase one of R.E. Yrausquin and Sons is online at R. E. Yrausquin & Sons is a family business owned for three generations by the Yrausquin family. Located at L. G. Smith Boulevard 112, R. E. Yrausquin & Sons has as "Core Business", the sales of new vehicles from Mitsubishi, Ford and Lincoln brand and the sales of used vehicles.

Technologies used: Java, JavaScript, MySQL, XHTML, CSS


El Gaucho - website and e-commerce


El Gaucho is undoubtedly one of Aruba's most popular restaurants with Aruba visitors and locals alike. Their website was completely redesigned with the current best practices in coding. Different aspects were added to the design, such as the slideshow which provides nice images of the restaurant and the delicious dishes. Regarding the usability of the website, the reservation form has also been improved, and now, you can also find their latest news and updates online.

Technologies used: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML



University of Aruba - website 

The University of Aruba needed a flexible system, designed for future extension, and easy to maintain. A fixed deadline was set for the first phase. Within just a few weeks CaribMedia created the system, and had it up and running. The website features a vertical expanding navigation, and themed sections.

Technologies used: Java, JavaScript, MySQL, XHTML, CSS


Visit the University of Aruba website


Central Bank of Aruba - website and Intranet

The Central Bank of Aruba issued a project tender with an extensive list of requirements. CaribMedia was selected for the task and met all requirements using the ContentXL CMS. The Central Bank not only uses the system for its web presence and as an Intranet, but also as an extranet for local banks. Exchange Rates are uploaded daily and can be viewed online. Authorized Banks can log in to view additional information.

A presentation was given to the board of the Central Bank of Aruba which was met with enthusiasm. Training was delivered to key persons in the organization and the website is completely managed by Central Bank staff.

Technologies used: Java, JavaScript, MySQL, XHTML, CSS