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Heartbleed Advisory

Heartbleed Advisory

As you may have heard, a major security vulnerability; dubbed "Heartbleed," was recently discovered in OpenSSL. OpenSSL enables SSL and TLS encryption, which governs HTTPS—the secure communications between your computer and the servers on the Internet. It is used by about 2/3 of the web servers in the world. This vulnerability was the result of a programming error (or bug) in several versions of OpenSSL.

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Tech Made Simple Series - Aruba Summer 2013

Tech Series

You asked, we delivered! During our workshops last year many of you asked for more 'hands-on' sessions. Ways to manage your hectic lives, schedules, and to do lists. We're excited to announce two of our summer sessions: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

  • Time Management for Outlook 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • iPhone Tips & Tricks 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Venue: Aruba Surfside Marina

Join us for one - or both - of these sessions. By the time you go home you will have implemented many of the features we cover during these sessions and you take home your workbook with everything we cover during our session!

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Design Case Study: The Gold Mine Ranch

new goldmineranch websiteAs a client with an older type of site, based on the now discontinued Microsoft Frontpage platform, The Gold Mine Ranch were an ideal candidate for an upgrade. It was also an opportunity to redesign the website to a more modern layout. As with any project there are always budget restrictions so one has to strike a balance between our extravagant wishes as designers and meeting budget but the end result definitely reflects a good effort at a competitive price.


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Design Case Study: How redesigning the VisitAruba Plus website increased traffic and boosted sales

vaplus accommodations beforeAs a web design company we always tend to end up working on our own projects last because we're busy working on clients' sites and taking care of them, so our VisitAruba Plus website had been neglected for too long. The long-awaited redesign and revamp has resulted in a good increase in direct sales through the site and has clearly boosted VisitAruba Plus members' and prospective members' confidence in our product.


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Visit Aruba launches FREE iPhone and Android mobile app

FREE Mobile App for Android and iPhoneCaribMedia is proud to announce the launch of the official mobile app for, the Visit Aruba Guide. The FREE app is available on the iPhone and Android platforms and includes information on accommodations, car rentals, restaurants and things to do as well as offline maps, GPS navigation, an augmented reality viewer and a trip planner.


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CaribMedia email hosting increases from 10 GB to 25 GB per email account, adds mobile options at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

We're happy to announce that our email hosting service just got bigger and better! For those of you already on our 10GB per email account hosting plan, you will be upgraded at no additional cost to 25GB per email account. Also WebMail is available in a mobile version absolutely FREE, and we also have introduced a Mobile Sync add-on (additional option) for WebMail users who want to easily synchronize email, calendars and contacts on their iPhone®, iPad®, Android® or Windows® device. 

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VisitAruba Launched


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ArubaRestaurants Launched


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Demo of online shop system

gift certificateOranjestad, August 14th, 2007. CaribMedia just finished a live demo of their online shop system, which is already very succesfully in use, see the live shop at El Gaucho. CaribMedia was the first and is still the only web service company to deliver fully automated credit card payment services online.

The online shop system offers unique advantages to business owners:

  • direct credit card processing:
    • funds are transferred automatically into your account after 24 hours
    • credit card numbers are fully checked
    • address verification
    • anti-fraud services are optional
  • combines shipped and electronic products in one order
  • fully fledged shopping cart with update ability
  • add as many products as you like
  • create fixed and percentage discounts per product
  • create affiliate codes, and get commission reports
  • commission percentage can be set per affiliate
  • one-click gift certificate ordering
  • secure codes placed on the gift certificate ensure a temper-safe printout
  • print the gift certificate any way you like
  • buy for a friend

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CaribMedia Launches new website!

Oranjestad, June 1, 2007. In synchronization with our 10th year anniversary celebration, CaribMedia is proud to launch our new website, logo and house style. Thanks to our entire team for a job well done and for the hard work and long hours put in. We hope that you will find browsing the site enjoyable and are able to find the information you need. Should you have any questions or see anything amiss please let us know!

CaribMedia Promotes fundraising event for the Aruba Red Cross

Oranjestad, May 27, 2007. CaribMedia was proud to have afforded ample online coverage of the special fund-raising concert events in aid of the Red Cross Aruba. A big pat on the back to Greg Peterson for all the hard work in putting it together and especially to Roger Peterson and Intwine, Sonic Lab 297 and Time Bandits for their extraordinary performances. Read more about the event.