Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of improving volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines such as Google.

Working with industry professionals who eat, sleep and breathe search engine technologies, we have acquired a considerable amount of experience in Search Engine optimization. We apply this knowledge as part of our web design process so that your website always has the right basis for correct indexing by Search Engines. For clients who want to take Search Engine Optimization services to the next step we offer several options. We normally do this process in three main phases as follows:

PHASE I: The first step towards SEO (search engine optimization) is an in-depth analysis.

To make your web site acquire more customers, and generate increased sales and profits the first step is a Search Engine Optimization Analysis of your web site and your competition’s web sites. Each Search Engine Analysis consists of a detailed report with our findings and specific recommendations and examples.

The following are included with our SEO Analysis

  • Keyword research: which keywords are people searching for when they want to find businesses like yours?
  • Search Engine Optimization Linking Campaign Plan - acquiring quality links from relevant, authority websites

PHASE II: Site updating / Site Design based on SEO Analysis.

Here we apply the insights obtained in Phase I to ensure that your web site takes full advantage of them.

PHASE III:Ongoing SEO linking and PR campaigns

This is maintenance-mode. Here we make sure to do all that is possible so that your website continuously improves to higher rankings for important keywords and maintains desired positions

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