Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail (UCE), commonly called Spam, is a rapidly growing problem for people responsible for maintaining mail servers.

Not only do spammers flood E-Mail accounts with numerous undesired messages, many spammers will try to use an unsecured server to send their E-Mail messages.

All of our hosting plans are designed to keep spammers from using your server to send their messages, as well as proving you with numerous options to help keep spam from filling up your E-Mail accounts.

One of the tools often used to help you protect E-mail accounts on your server is SpamAssassin. SpamAssassin is a powerful tool that can identify 'spam'. Once SpamAssassin identifies a message as 'spam' it will do one of the following with the message, depending on your system and user settings.

  • Deliver Tagged messages along with Untagged messages normally. This allows the user to easily see if a message is tagged as spam, but allows them to make the final decision to read the message or not. If you have system-wide filtering on, it is a good idea to use this option for the system-level filtering.

  • Deliver Spam to a special mailbox. Untagged messages will be delivered as usual, but tagged messages will be delivered to a special mailbox (or IMAP folder). This is a good user level setting for IMAP users who don't want potential spam cluttering their INBOX, but want to have the option to check through to see if there's anything important among the tagged messages.

  • Deliver spam to a special mailbox and forward non-spam to another address. If a user has another account that they forward their messages to, this allows you to filter out spam before forwarding the messages to their account

  • Forward Spam to another address. By doing this, non-spam is delivered normally, but spam can be forwarded to an account on a different server.

  • Delete Spam. This is not a recommended option, since some spam may in fact be legitimate. However, you can select to have all messages tagged as spam deleted, either on a system level, or just for specific users.

  • Delete Spam and forward non-spam to another address. Again, this is not recommended, but you can have all the tagged messages deleted before forwarding un-tagged messages to a remote E-Mail account.

Please contact us if you want more information regarding our spam protection options.