ContentXL - CMS: made in Aruba

The necessity for regularly updated and fresh, engaging content is considered one of the key elements to any successful website.

ContentXL CMS box
ContentXL Content Management System:

"Delivering an engaging and satisfying experience to website visitors plus a comprehensive set of sales, communication and marketing tools to website owners in an easy-to-use package."

Many of CaribMedia's clients are able to easily update their own websites using the ContentXL content management system (CMS) that has been completely developed in-house by our team. This home-grown development allows ContentXL to be adapted for use in any scenario that clients may have in mind for their website.

ContentXL is activly used by several of our clients in Aruba and abroad.

ContentXL also provides very effective tools for customer relationship management (CRM) allowing site owners to communicate effectively and proactively with their audience, obtain feedback and consequently derive important marketing information from visitors. This cycle of information exchange is essential in adapting the website to visitor needs, resulting in an ultimately satisfying experience where expectations are met and exceeded.

We also like to refer to ContentXL as a communication management system, going beyond what a content management system would normally deliver. Here are some key benefits of the communication features of ContentXL:

  • Keep in touch with your customers, surprise them on their birthdays, anniversaries or before their next holiday with custom tailored specials
  • Send them regular newsletters with specialized content
  • Show them that you care
  • Get up close and personal, give them a reason to choose your company over and over again!