09 Mar Otmar – Senior Web Developer

Otmar is our own personal Batman when it comes to fixing computer issues, and we aren't talking about turning a light switch on and off (although that has happened before LOL!). Server or system down? Otmar wears the crown for 'King of Computers and Codes'. Hobbies...

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08 Mar Mark – General Factotum

Mark: "I like to think I’m the boss, well when my better half allows it. Favorite saying: 'If it’s not documented it doesn’t exist.' And yes, I’d really rather have my long hair back and be playing guitar….!" Hobbies, passions and traits include: Mountain biking Running ...

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01 Mar Monica – Administrator

Monica swirls into the office like a flamenco dancer, but specialized in all things administration and legalities. Her go-to work accessories include bold lipstick, a big smile, and binders full of "secret" data. Hobbies and interests include: Laughing and chatting Dancing the days and nights away ...

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27 Jan Junior Systems Administrator

In a nutshell A Jr. Systems Administrator has the opportunity really take on a critical role in assisting with management of server infrastructure for websites, apps and web applications. The work is challenging and offers a great starting point for a career in web systems administration....

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