If Game of Thrones Characters Were on Instagram


How do you think Game of Thrones characters would behave if they had Instagram accounts? Do you think they would love memes just as much as you do? If the following Game of Thrones characters were scrolling through their Instagram’s ‘Explore’ feed, and saw the posts below, here’s what we think they’d comment:

Tyrion Lannister

photo by imgflip philosoraptor meme and how tyrion of game of thrones would react


photo by vulture - tyrion lannister

Ah, question for the ages. *refills wine goblet*

Cersei Lannister



photo by Helen Sloan HBO via Insider - Cersei Lannister
Helen Sloan/HBO

Don’t touch my kids, but here’s a suggestion for someone to kill ?@TheRealTyrion

Samwell Tarly



photo by geek and sundry - samwell tarly
Geek & Sundry

Quite humorous! ? Word play is my preferred form of amusement ☺

Jon Snow

photo by the_great_vibe_


photo by winter is coming - jon snow
Winter is Coming

LOL, was this you @SamwellTarly ?

Brienne of Tarth

photo by powerful_women_7


photo by From the Grapevine - Brienne
From the Grapevine

#QuoteOfTheDay ??

Daenerys Targaryen

by rockstardragons -


photo by cosmopolitian - daenerys

OMG, so cute! ?? *continues scrolling through dragon fan pages*

Arya Stark

photo by thatdifferentwoman


photo by HBO n digitalspy article - arya stark

#Relatable – patience and a needle is all I need, if you know what I mean…?

White Walkers

photo by thekettleblack


photo by popsugar - white walkers

*grunts grunts grunts* 

We hope you enjoyed our take on these Game of Thrones characters and their INSTA-loving interactions.

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Published on April 26th 2019. Written by Megan Rojer.

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