Websites and Web Hosting: What Are They, and Why Do You Need Them?


If you are a business owner putting in the work grind in present times, than you know that the competition is ever more vicious than before.

Due to the ease of in-the-moment connections, exploring anything at any given moment via a quick Google search, and even while on-the-go – thanks to mobile devices and their internet browsers consumers are always available to be reached. You just have to know how.

Websites and Web Hosting Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Before you can come up with a strategy plan for reaching your ideal customers -a.k.a your target market– you need to setup one thing for your business: A WEBSITE. You’re also going to need WEB HOSTING to support your site.

Websites and web hosting are like the peanut butter and jelly of the digital world. Discover the REAL DEAL behind websites and web hosting by uncovering the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of the two.

Let’s start off with websites by answering the following questions: What is a website, and how can it help a business?


Websites and Business: How Does That Work?

What Is a Website?

“Websites come in a nearly endless variety, including educational sites, news sites, porn sites, forums, social media sites, e-commerce sites, and so on. The pages within a website are usually a mix of text and other media. That said, there are no rules dictating the form of a website. A person could create a website of nothing but black and white photos of roses, or the word “cat” linked to another Web page with the word “mouse.” However, many sites follow a standard pattern of a homepage that links off to other categories and content within the website.” Techopedia

How Can a Website Help a Business?

“You probably know some businesses who are doing phenomenally well without a website. I do, too. But I often wonder how much better they could be doing if they took the time to invest in one.—
Here are just a few benefits that come along with creating a usable website for your small business.—

[a] You stop being invisible.—If you don’t have a Web presence, there’s no chance of you showing up and you never even enter into their [the potential customers’] thought process.—

[b] You create another sales tool.—A website is a powerful sales tool and one that allows you to address your customers’ concerns, give them the information they need to make a decision and create compelling calls to action. Sure, you can—hope that word-of-mouth generates on its own…or you can build something that inspires it to happen. Your website is your home turf where people can go to seek out trusted information about your company and engage with you on a more personal level.”Small Business Trends

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Your Customers Are Online – REACH THEM.

Now let’s tackle the mystery that is web hosting by answering the following questions: What is web hosting, and why do you need it? Keep reading to reveal!

What Is Web Hosting?

“HTML files, CSS files (stylesheets), images and photos, etc. All of these files need to be in a folder on a computer that is connected to the Internet. That computer is usually called a “server” because it serves up our [sic]site files when people come to visit. When you pay a company to put your files on their web server, you’re buying hosting.” Objective Inc

Why Does Your Website Need Web Hosting?

“Even if someone has a website, we’ve found they often don’t understand the different parts required in making said website appear on monitors and smartphones across the world. — Websites are hosted on a server. Technically speaking, a server is just a computer connected to the internet. You could host a website from your own computer, if you really wanted to.
However, the majority of websites are hosted on specialized servers. — [It is good to comprehend that] things don’t just float around on the internet. All of the stuff that you’re seeing and using and reading and watching on the internet is coming from a physical location somewhere in the world.”Radiate Digital

GET CONNECTED, and Make It Happen!

In other words, if you want your BUSINESS WEBSITE to be LIVE ONLINE and READY-TO-BE-SEEN BY POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, you’re going to need web hosting to make that yummy (and sale-generating) sandwich.

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Published on March 23rd 2018. Written by Megan Rojer.

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