2022 Holiday Shopping Trends You Need To Know

28 Nov 2022 2022 Holiday Shopping Trends You Need To Know

With their wallets strapped and emotions running high, customers during the 2022 holiday shopping season are looking for brands that can provide personalized, convenient solutions to make their lives easier and better.

Customers experienced that life is short, we don’t know what’s coming next. When faced with a decision to have an experience versus purchase a product, the customer will choose the experience.

Here are four trends as we enter the 2022 holiday season and what they mean:

1. Spending is down

Tough economic times mean people won’t be spending as much.The biggest drops could come in clothing and footwear, with 25% of people expected to cut back in those areas.

2. The holiday shopping season is expanding

To get ahead of tight wallets and spread the financial strain across more paychecks, customers are starting their holiday shopping earlier in 2022.

3. Internet sales are up

In a surprise to no one, online sales are expected to reign supreme in 2022, with Adobe predicting 2.5% growth in online sales November 1-December 31. Creating an intuitive, convenient, and personal online and mobile experience is crucial for brands. Even for in-person purchases, customers start their research online, which means the customer experience starts when they first search for your brand online.

4. Customers want a human touch

Delivering a great customer experience during the busy holiday season means balancing technology and human interaction while preparing agents with appropriate staffing and resources to serve customers. The holiday season is when customer service is put to the test, and 2022 is no exception. Understanding your customers, establishing and strengthening a customer-centric mindset and preparing early can set your team up for success.

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