6 Spookily Effective Halloween Social Media Campaign Tricks


26 Oct 2021 6 Spookily Effective Halloween Social Media Campaign Tricks

Trick or treat? We jumped into the social media jungle to look for some marketing inspiration for Halloween. Here are 6 tricks that we shall share with you!

  • Decorate your store and social media profiles

  • Host a photo contest 

It might be cliché, but it never gets tiresome. Halloween gives everyone the chance to wear silly costumes. Embrace it and host a photo contest on social media – it’s a fun way to engage with your followers.

Halloween Photo Contest

  • Add the spook factor to your customer’s experience

Want to take it one step further than decorating your social media profiles and offering a discount? How about making your product or service spooky? This technique can work for virtually any B2C business but is best suited to those that provide services and experiences.

Burger Halloween









The best Halloween marketing campaigns often feature clever storytelling with a heavy focus on video. Get more tricks (as well as treats) you can put in your bag to spook up your Halloween promotions and create a great social media campaign for your brand. Read full article.

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