How Often Should You Post on Social Media in 2023?

30 Dec 2022 How Often Should You Post on Social Media in 2023?

In reality, there is no magic formula for deciding how often to post on social media.

That’s because what works for one brand doesn’t work for another. Sure, you can read case studies of what has worked for others, but don’t make their solution your solution.

So, instead of seeking magic formulas, let’s focus on these proven posting strategies:

1. Aim for consistency, not frequency

A better alternative is to aim for consistency when posting on social media. Create a content plan and stick to it. For example, if you decide that your social media post frequency should be twice a day on Facebook, you know you need to create or curate content to fill that schedule. Your audience will know that they can visit your page at any given time and expect two fresh posts every 24 hours.

2. Content quality trumps quantity

There’s only one thing worse than not posting on social media, and that’s posting something that’s not relevant. You’re more likely to lose fans and followers if you post poor-quality content. So if you want to create relevant social media content, you must focus on helpfulness and authenticity principles. To put it simply, you want your posts to make sense to the person engaging with them.

If you’ve ever seen a post on social media from a well-known brand that leaves you scratching your head and thinking, “What’s the point of that?” or “How does that relate to their brand?” you’ll know what we mean.

3. Set goals and objectives

Consistently posting high-quality content is the right way to go when considering how often to post on social media. Still, you also need to evaluate your overall social media strategy. If you don’t know your social media goals, you won’t know if your posts are successful.

So step back a minute and ask yourself: “What do I want to achieve on social media for my brand or my client?” Could it be you want to:

  • Increase brand awareness?
  • Drive traffic to your website?
  • Sell a product or service?

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