How To Keep Businesses Growing In Uncertain Times

31 Jan 2023 How To Keep Businesses Growing In Uncertain Times

Market at the speed of consumers

Insights show that people spend more time researching purchase decisions than they once did, and they’re conducting this research across a growing array of platforms. With this change, automation tools have become a critical way for brands to meet their customers across these digital touchpoints.

“Knowing how to reach the most valuable customers and others like them at scale is a powerful growth multiplier.”

Prioritize durable measurement

Uncertainty signals the need to move beyond traditional marketing metrics and toward the measurement of real business outcomes. New automation solutions handily harnessed the scale of platforms, helping reach the people who were most likely to act at lower cost. To be able to measure and track this progress in real time using privacy-safe solutions, one of the biggest platforms is Google Analytics 4 (GA4). More about GA4.

Embracing new measurement is critical in order to track the results of these solutions and track progress against whatever your current goal be.

Future-proof your marketing strategy

Apart from successfully measuring and tracking your campaigns, it’s also critical to prepare for what’s next. This is always challenging and all the more during times of rapid change.But new marketing strategy tools available today can help to augment traditional strategies, deliver reliable results, and drive long-term growth, no matter what disruptions surface. Use the tried-and-new and make your marketing go further.

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