Phishing Test for Employees – Why it’s Important

27 Sep 2017 Phishing Test for Employees – Why it’s Important

If you are not familiar with phishing emails now is more a time than ever to become informed. A recent report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group found there were over 1.2 million known phishing attacks just last year (2016). A HUGE increase from 2015 and the highest amount found since monitoring of these attacks began in 2004.

Phishing emails are presented in such a way to quickly gain the recipient’s attention and lure the victim into immediately responding to the email’s fraudulent call to action. The goal of phishing emails is to have the user click a link or open a file. Many of the URLs included in these emails direct to malicious pages or sites within benign domains which make them appear as legitimate sources.

Majority of phishing sites are online for less than 15 hours making it extremely difficult to identify and block them. With so many phishing emails going around it is extremely important to brief your employees on this matter. It takes only one employee to click on a phishing email causing great damage to the company!

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