What Google is Doing to Help Brands Build Resilience and Drive Results

30 May 2022 What Google is Doing to Help Brands Build Resilience and Drive Results

The innovation doesn’t stop! The real magic comes when powerful technology fuels creative — inspiring action and delivering results. Let’s unveil some of Google’s products and innovation that will enhance your advertising in the second half of 2022 and beyond.

Google brought together some of our most successful creative assets from across Google Ads — including Discovery, Display, Apps, and YouTube — to help brands see the possibilities and elevate their own campaigns. I hope this new home for creative inspiration will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Connecting creativity and automation

Deploying masterful creative is only part of the equation for effective advertising. Deciding where your ad shows up is also critical. Success at this phase requires connecting your story with new and existing customers around the world, while measuring the performance of different ad types. Not long ago, you could achieve great results by adapting your ads to fit the top seven formats on the web. Today the array of ad shapes and sizes numbers in the thousands.

Google has dedicated significant resources to helping brands navigate this labyrinth of creative formats. Our campaign automation tools, a pillar of our product roadmap, enable marketing teams to invest more resources in creative storytelling and less in the operational tasks associated with ad placement.

They have also made improvements to responsive display ads. The all-new, mobile-first layouts can accommodate any portrait image or video asset, and our automatically generated videos can help you access full-screen mobile ad inventory. By using machine learning to speed up the design and iteration process, you can deliver engaging display ads faster than ever. Simply put, upload a few images, videos, and headlines, and we’ll automatically create and test visually striking ad combinations that fit millions of possible ad placements and, most importantly, deliver results.

Their testing shows that advertisers see 2X more conversions, on average, when adding a responsive display ad to an ad group with a static display ad.

Click and check more examples of what Google’s teams are working on!

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