Latest Projects

29 Jun Avantech

Avantech - We worked closely with this Canon distributor based in Europe using an agile approach for their website upgrade project. This included planning, specification definition, wireframing, design, development, online implementation and maintenance of an e-commerce focused website to promote and sell consumer-focused products and...

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29 Jun Royal Car Rental

Royal Car Rental – For this client we created a website to showcase their services and offer a structured way of displaying the various discount rates they offer and also provide an easy way for clients to see their wide variety of rental vehicle options. ...

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24 Feb Fides Rae

Fides Rae – For the sick-leave insurance company Fides Rae we created a modern multi-lingual website that explains how the insurance works and what the benefits are. CMS: Wordpress Mobile ready Includes: Custom design Fast loading Multi-lingual (English and Dutch) FAQ section ...

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24 Feb Arubilco

Arubilco – Outdoor Advertising company Arubilco wanted a website to showcase all their advertisement possibilities, from huge billboards on the side of the road to bus shelter ads and advertisement opportunities at the cruise port. We delivered by designing a custom website that showcases all...

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01 Feb Art & Design

Art & Design Aruba CMS: WordPress Mobile Ready (Responsive Design) Includes: Service display Multiple image galleries Fast Loading Custom Design We are pleased to announce the all new 2021 website of the sign and graphic design company Art & Design. In close collaboration with owner and...

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21 Jul Wix Tours & Transfers

Wix Tours and Transfers CMS: WordPress Mobile Ready (Responsive Design) Includes: Single Page - Full Width Design WP Bakery structure Integration with Peek Booking Service display FAQ section Image Gallery Visual Animations ...

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20 Jun Amigo Car Rental Aruba

Amigo Car Rental Aruba - CMS: WordPress Mobile Ready (Responsive Design) Includes Custom: Full Width Design WordPress shortcodes & scripts Visual Composer shortcodes Improved Reservation Form Visual Animations ...

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01 Mar Office Systems

Office Systems Aruba is a staple in office supplies on the island and is also a manufacturer of office furniture. With the increase in the demand for e-commerce in Aruba it was essential to start satisfying that by also offering online ordering of Office Systems'...

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11 Feb VisitAruba

VisitAruba - CMS: Content XL Mobile Ready (Responsive design) Includes: Custom Design Custom Scripting Upgraded Google Maps Home Page Background Video Updated Home Page Content Accommodations & Restaurants Filtering Visual Elements Have Been Upgraded  ...

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