Who We Are

Who we are

Over the years we have formed a strong and committed team that is greater than the sum of its parts.  These are the people who keep over 150 websites of all types and sizes updated and running smoothly! It’s ladies first of course (they’re the bosses anyway…!).

Daphne – Creative Director

Mrs. Move-it-a-pixel-to-the-right kinda boss. With a new found commitment to Aruba’s Chamber of Commerce we’re not sure whether to call her Jefe or Presidente.

Nayla – Administrator

Quick with the books and noisy with her keyboard. Probably the only person on earth who loves BBO, BAZV, ABB, AZV and all the lovely acronyms the powers that be throw our way. She may also send you the occasional bill (don’t be mad). She’s…

Monica – Administrator

She’d prefers dancing, so you won’t find her in the office all that much. When she has to, she takes care of a lot of paperwork and makes sure our numbers match.

Mark – Managing Director

I like to think I’m the boss, well when Daphne allows it. Favorite saying: “If it’s not documented it doesn’t exist.” And yes, I’d really rather have my long hair back and be playing guitar….one day….(sigh!).

Otmar – Senior Web Developer

He is dedicated to his job, which includes setting up servers, deploying ContentXL, Java programming, and providing internal and external technical support. Has the patience of a saint. No…he IS a saint.

Greg – Web Developer

Our resident Artist/mad scientist who happens to also love web development. Ask him if he thinks outside the box, and he will likely respond with “what box? The box is only an illusion.”