Automated Surveys

Automated Customer Experience Survey Software

CaribMedia has developed software to automate sending of customer experience surveys and data collection, and to make feedback analysis, sharing and follow-up much easier.

This is a great way to create a constant feedback loop with your customers. There is also the option to integrate with customized mailing lists for future communication with customers.

Our software can be set up to work with any data source to fit your company’s specific needs. Integration with SurveyMonkey means that the process is robust and can handle many different types of surveys.

Some possible use cases are:

Restaurants wanting to automatically request feedback from patrons who have dined at their establishment

Car Rental companies who want to request feedback from renters automatically after they have returned their vehicle

Tour operators who would like to request feedback from clients regarding their tour experience

Hotels who would like to automatically survey guests as a follow up to their stay at the hotel

In essence any business that provides a service and would like to automatically request and collect customer experience feedback will benefit from our software.

For companies maintaining ISO certification compliance, this is a big time saver. Our software reduces the certification compliance effort significantly by automating processes that would otherwise require considerably more manpower and time, thereby reducing the costs involved for compliance.

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