10 Common Mistakes Companies Make With Mobile

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22 May 2017 10 Common Mistakes Companies Make With Mobile

Going mobile with your company website is something that can easily go wrong. In this list you will find mistakes that companies often make with their mobile experiences.

Assuming your company needs a mobile app
One of the biggest mistakes companies make is assuming they need a mobile app. Apps do not work for every type of company. If you have an active niche audience, such as Uber and Amazon, it might work out. If your company does not require deeper functionality or better connectivity, you probably do not need an app.

Treating mobile as a bolt onto the web experience
Most companies have invested in a website over the last 20 years. Some have designed and created responsive apps to adjust to mobile. Others took the easy route and just created a smaller version of their website to increase their mobile presence.

Forgetting that mobile means smartphones AND tablets
Something to seriously think about when creating an app is that it needs to be responsive on all smartphones, as well as tablets. To find out what your audience mostly uses to access your website you can go into your web analytics to see where most traffic comes from.  You then can take this information into account when creating an app.

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