18 iPhone Photography Tips You Need to Know

iPhone Photography

17 Sep 2021 18 iPhone Photography Tips You Need to Know

Learning how to take professional photos with your iPhone is good for more than just expressing yourself better. Great photos can help you get noticed on social media — both humans and social media algorithms appreciate interesting visual content.

Use these iPhone photography tricks to elevate your game:

  • Shift your perspective: To step up your game, try taking photos from outside your regular sitting or standing position. You can do this by shooting from high or low angles.









  • Create a sense of depth: Our eyes love to be tricked into seeing depth in a flat object like a photo.Placing a close-up subject against an out-of-focus background is a simple way to create a sense of depth.









  • Turn on grid to follow the rule of thirds: One simple iPhone photography trick is called the rule of thirds. This rule divides the field of your image into a three-by-three grid. Placing your photo’s main subjects along these lines creates more visually compelling images.








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