4 Local SEO Tips for Restaurants

28 Aug 2017 4 Local SEO Tips for Restaurants

Do you own a restaurant or handle the marketing for one? You may find it challenging to improve your website page rankings and visibility. You will find each industry has its SEO challenges and opportunities. Review this article to discover 4 tips to succeed with SEO for restaurants!

Google My Business

Learn how to master your Google My Business page with adding Google Posts and take advantage of the options to add quick URLs. Restaurants are even at an advantage and have the ability to add more than one link!


Citations are extremely important to all local SEO, however they are especially important for the restaurants sector. They not only act as a local SEO signal but they are solid traffic source that restaurants cannot afford to miss out on.

Get your menu in the results

Including your menu in your Google search results is extremely valuable. By including your menu you will ultimately drive more business directly to your door. Often restaurant menus are viewed from third-party sites which has a great downside. For instance, not keeping your menus updated with these third parties which then misinforms viewers with incorrect information.


Schema is essentially code that is delivered with your web page that sends Google details about your page and its contents. Recently there has been exciting change to Schema standards for restaurants in particular. There has been a replacement for the ‘menu’ property and now more detailed menu information is relayed to Google.

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