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Emerging Trends on “Smaller” Social Media Platforms

While much of the digital world’s attention is riveted on behemoths like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, a shift is underway. Platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat are stepping into the limelight. During the pandemic, Pinterest experienced a surge, notably adding over 26 million users. This growth is attributed to homeowners seeking renovation ideas and renters aiming to optimize work-from-home spaces.

On the professional front, LinkedIn has thrived. With the pandemic pushing many professional activities online, LinkedIn saw a robust increase in organic engagement, outperforming even some bigger platforms. It underscores the value of direct, professional interaction in a digital age.

Meanwhile, Snapchat is making waves, particularly among Gen Z. Previously facing challenges from rival platforms, Snapchat has rejuvenated its position by emphasizing its unique messaging capabilities, cementing its status as a go-to app for the younger generation.

The evolving digital landscape is a reminder that while large platforms have their gravitational pull, there’s immense value in the niches. These “smaller” platforms, tailored to specific needs and demographics, are proving that adaptability and staying attuned to users’ evolving preferences can yield significant rewards. Brands and marketers would do well to take note, ensuring they’re not missing opportunities to connect with audiences in meaningful, targeted ways.


SocialMedia Posting Ideas for September 2023

September signals the welcoming embrace of autumn, presenting an opportunity to captivate your audience with the vibrant colors of Fall on ‘Autumn Equinox Day’ or celebrate the spirit of learning on ‘International Literacy Day’. Whichever September occasion you decide to feature, it’s vital to keep your brand’s voice consistent as you navigate this fresh chapter of your social media journey.

  • September 1: World Letter Writing Day #WorldLetterWritingDay
  • September 2: Food Bank Day #FoodBankDay
  • September 4: International Bacon Day #InternationalBaconDay
  • September 5: Be Late for Something Day #BeLateDay
  • September 5: Cheese Pizza Day #CheesePizzaDay
  • September 7: International Day of Clean Air #CleanAirDay
  • September 7: Beer Lovers Day #BeerLoversDay
  • September 7: Grateful Patient Day #GratefulPatientDay
  • September 8: International Literacy Day #InternationalLiteracyDay
  • September 8: World Physical Therapy Day #PhysicalTherapyDay
  • September 12: Video Game Day #VideoGameDay
  • September 16: Guacamole Day #GuacamoleDay
  • September 16: Working Parents Day #WorkingParentsDay
  • September 18: Cheeseburger Day #CheeseburgerDay
  • September 19: Dance Day #DanceDay
  • September 19: Women’s Friendship Day #WomensFriendshipDay
  • September 19: Wife Appreciation Day #WifeAppreciationDay
  • September 21: First Day of Fall #FirstDayOfFall
  • September 21: International Day of Peace #DayOfPeace
  • September 22: Business Women’s Day #BusinessWomensDay
  • September 22: Singles Day #SinglesDay
  • September 25: Daughters Day #DaughtersDay
  • September 25: Hunting and Fishing Day #HuntingAndFishingDay
  • September 25: Lobster Day #LobsterDay
  • September 28: Women’s Health and Fitness Day #WomensHealthAndFitnessDay

Click here for some Awesome September Social Media Holidays & Ideas (With Tips + Examples): https://localiq.com/blog/september-social-media-holidays/


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