Coronavirus-Proof Your Business

28 May 2020 Coronavirus-Proof Your Business

There’s no denying that coronavirus has changed everyone’s life, in the business world many businesses had to dramatically change the way they operate.

Here are five largest macro trends we are about to see and should take into consideration going forward.

  • The rise of enhanced websites and digital tools
  • Cybersecurity concerns take center stage
  • An increase in virtual meetings
  • Increased control in expenses
  • Even more remote employees

In terms of Cybersecurity we support our clients by keeping their websites up to date to protect from vulnerabilities and threats, both of which have increased during COVID. At the end of April, WordPress released an update that included security patches. In addition to applying updates we make sure no undesirable side-effects occur on websites (incompatible plugins etc). We also offer Web Application Firewall and malware removal services for websites.

Prepare your business for the post-coronavirus business world! Contact us for possible digital solutions for your business.

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