Even for Email, Experience is Everything

27 Sep 2017 Even for Email, Experience is Everything

After companies send out an email blast to customers and clients their focus is mainly on the email platform and the outcome, the numbers. How many people did it reach? How many people clicked on it? How many people opened it?

Less focus is put on the actual experience of the email that the recipient undergoes. Many of times you will find that the experience can be improved. There are several areas to review in order make the overall experience better.

Remember you are sending your email to actual people who have different wants, needs, habits and relationships with your company… not just one audience who share the exact same commonalities.

People subscribed to your emails for a reason. Do you know what that is? Is your email program an annoyance to your customers? Are you delivering the correct content based upon their wants and needs? Don’t ruin one of your strongest channels for reaching your customers.

Email is fast, effective and ultimately provides a high ROI. Take the extra time and effort to review your email creation and tactics before clicking send!

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