FAQ Chatbot: The Best Way to Save Time on Customer Service


30 Jun 2022 FAQ Chatbot: The Best Way to Save Time on Customer Service

You already know how irritating it is to answer repeat questions. You can save yourself the headache by automating your customer service with FAQ chatbots. You’ll also be reaping eCommerce benefits like better response rates, increased sales, and happy staff who are free to do skilled work.

Most bots are programmed to understand how humans communicate with tools like AI. They can provide answers to questions even if they are asked differently than they were originally programmed for.

You can integrate chatbots into your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram

Why use FAQ chatbots?

FAQ-based chatbots have many benefits — notably, they improve office productivity. With less time responding to messages, you’re free to work toward other business goals and spend time on your marketing or sales.

  1. Save time and labor costs
  2. Avoid human error
  3. Multi-language support
  4. Increase your sales
  5. Increase your response rate

Types of FAQ chatbots

There are three main types of FAQ chatbots:

  • Rule-based: These chatbots rely on given data and rules that dictate how they respond. You can think of this bot as working like a flowchart. Depending on the inputted request, it will lead your customer on a path you’ve set.
  • Independent (Keyword): These AI bots use machine learning to serve your customers. They analyze the data your consumer inputs, produce an appropriate answer, then stuff a few keywords into the mix.
  • Conversational AI: Conversational AI uses natural language processing and natural language understanding to simulate human conversation.

You can start by using the integrated systems in your channels; and if needed to proceed with a paid or outsource version such as HeyDay.

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