How Hotels Beat Airbnb by Getting in Bed with the Traveler

26 Apr 2017 How Hotels Beat Airbnb by Getting in Bed with the Traveler

Today’s traveler is digitally savvy and wants to be inspired by destinations and authentic, local experiences throughout their stay. Airbnb clearly noticed this trend and has had great success because of it.

Understanding the traveler’s mindset is key. This is an opportunity for hotels to capitalize on the same trends behind Airbnb’s success, technology, personalization and a local touch.

Nowadays, personalization is the most important trend for hotels to attract more guests. What hotels can do is to offer travelers the opportunity to enjoy personalized journeys adapted to their personal preferences and interests. For example, offer trips to areas that are not fully explored by other tourists or let guests enjoy attractions that most tourists do not know about. Show them something new that suits their interests.

Hotels can use trip planning technologies to increase their digital presence. This can be used to create a differentiated experience that reflects the wants and needs of their guests.

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