How Important are Images in Online Shopping? Insights from 2023

26 Jul 2023 How Important are Images in Online Shopping? Insights from 2023

Online Shopping Today: Lots of Choices

Nowadays, online shopping gives consumers more options than ever before. Amidst this busy marketplace, numerous brands and retailers are all trying to get the attention of shoppers. But what makes a shopper click “add to cart” or choose one retailer over another? According to a detailed survey conducted by Nfinite in April 2023, the answer lies in product images. Those retailers who understand this and meet this demand are more likely to succeed.

What Shoppers Think

The survey was conducted with a pool of 1,074 American shoppers (37.5% male vs 62.5% female) aged between 18 to 77 years to learn about their online shopping habits. The results showed that product images are really important. They not only have to be eye-catching but also provide useful information to the shopper.

The Power of Persuasive Imagery

To convince shoppers to buy, product images need to be more than just good-looking. They need to be informative and trustworthy. Retailers who show a variety of images – including products from different angles, in different settings, and showing all available options – are more likely to stand out from the competition and make sales.


Why Accurate Images Matter

Although beautiful images are important, the survey also showed that the images have to be accurate. A huge 83% of those asked said they would return a product if it didn’t match the image shown online. This finding is important for retailers because it affects not just immediate profits due to high return rates, but also their long-term reputation and the loyalty of their customers.

The Impact on Shopper Loyalty

The survey also found that 72% of shoppers said they would think twice about returning to an online shop if the product they received didn’t match the online image. This could result in a loss of customer loyalty. Among these shoppers, 6% said they wouldn’t return, 26% were very unlikely to return, and 40% were somewhat unlikely to return. On a positive note, 83% said they would be willing to pay more for a product if it was guaranteed to look exactly like the online images.

The Key Role of Quality Images

The data from the survey underlines the fact that quality product images are really important in today’s online shopping environment, especially for certain groups of shoppers. Retailers who invest in accurate product imagery have a better chance of keeping their customers and reducing the rate of returns.

Looking to the Future: Meeting Shopper Expectations

Looking at the findings from Nfinite’s comprehensive 2023 survey, it’s clear that quality images are not just nice to have, they’re a must-have in the world of online shopping. As the demand for accurate, eye-catching images continues to grow, one thing is clear: images are indeed key.


For More Information
To learn more about the findings, check out the full report: Nfinite 2023 E-commerce Survey 

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