Instagram’s New Update (Hint: Includes QR codes)

30 Aug 2022 Instagram’s New Update (Hint: Includes QR codes)

Instagram is now allowing users to share anyone’s posts or Reels through a QR code. What’s more, users also can share a QR code location through its searchable Map experience. While people usually think about sharing posts through direct messages or a URL, QR codes can be effective in marketing campaigns and highlighting businesses.

Users can head to any Reel, post or location and hit the three-dot menu to see the option for QR code sharing. Alternatively, on the web, users can add “/qr” to a post’s URL to generate a QR code. Notably, Instagram has had the feature of sharing profiles through QR codes for a few years now. But this is the first time the company is releasing such an option for individual posts.

“To make it easier for people and businesses to share specific content, we recently launched the ability to create QR codes for profiles, tags, locations, reels and more,” a Meta spokesperson declared.

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