24 Oct 2023 QUICK BITS OCTOBER 2023

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7 Essential Marketing Tips for 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and businesses are gearing up to make the most of it. With the right strategy, you can attract more customers and end the year on a high note. Here are seven data-backed holiday marketing tips to boost your 2023 strategy:

  • Offer Appealing Holiday Incentives: With 87% of respondents concerned about the economy, lower product pricing is a top incentive. Consider running special sales, offering free gift wrapping, or partnering with other businesses for unique holiday deals.
  • Stay Active on Social Media: 73% of surveyed individuals use social media for information, with Facebook being the top choice. Regularly post your deals, events, and engage with your audience to keep them connected.
  • Leverage Facebook Ads: 89% of shoppers turn to Facebook for gift ideas. Target your audience with ads showcasing your holiday deals to increase visibility.

  • Embrace Video Marketing: 85% of respondents use YouTube for gift information. Create engaging videos highlighting your products or customer testimonials to stand out.
  • Enhance In-Store Experiences: Make your physical store inviting with festive decorations, special displays, and in-store events to attract more shoppers.
  • Launch a Holiday Referral Program: 85% of individuals trust friends and family for shopping recommendations. Incentivize your loyal customers to refer others and expand your customer base.
  • Maximize Email Marketing: 83% of shoppers rely on retailer emails for deals. Send out promotional emails, thank-you notes, and engaging content to keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

In a year filled with challenges, these tips can help local businesses navigate the holiday season successfully. With the right approach, you can attract more customers and end 2023 on a positive note.


SocialMedia Posting Ideas for November 2023

In the bustling month of November, businesses find themselves swamped with activities. Simplify your social media strategy by tapping into the unique holidays of November for engaging post inspirations. From commemorating World Freedom Day to showcasing delectable treats on National Fast-Food Day, elevate your social media presence this month. This November, let’s diversify and amplify your brand’s voice, ensuring it resonates with your audience.

  • Gratitude Month #MonthOfGratitude
  • Movember/NoShave November #NoShaveNovember
  • Healthy Lifestyle Month #LiveHealthy
  • Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month #GlutenFreeAwareness
  • Adopt a Senior Pet Month #SeniorPetAdoption
  • Lung Cancer Awareness Month #LungCancerMonth
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month #FightAlzheimers
  • Nov 1: Author’s Day #AuthorsDay
  • Nov 2: Stress Awareness Day #StressAwareness
  • Nov 3: Sandwich Day #SandwichDay
  • Nov 4: Candy Day #CandyDay
  • Nov 5: Donut Day #DonutDay
  • Nov 6: Healthy Eating Day #HealthyEatingDay
  • Nov 8: Cappuccino Day #CappuccinoDay
  • Nov 9: World Adoption Day #WorldAdoptionDay
  • Nov 11: Veteran’s Day #VeteransDay
  • Nov 13: World Kindness Day #WorldKindnessDay
  • Nov 14: World Diabetes Day #WorldDiabetesDay
  • Nov 15: Entrepreneurs Day #EntrepreneursDay
  • Nov 16: Fast Food Day #FastFoodDay
  • Nov 16: Day for Tolerance #ToleranceDay
  • Nov 17: Take a Hike Day #TakeAHikeDay
  • Nov 18: World Philosophy Day #PhilosophyDay
  • Nov 19: International Men’s Day #MensDay
  • Nov 20: Family Volunteer Day #FamilyVolunteerDay
  • Nov 20: International Children’s Day #ChildrensDay
  • Nov 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance #TransDayOfRemembrance
  • Nov 21: World Television Day #TelevisionDay
  • Nov 21: Pumpkin Pie Day #PumpkinPieDay
  • Nov 24: Thanksgiving Day #Thanksgiving2023
  • Nov 24: Jukebox Day #JukeboxDay
  • Nov 25: Black Friday #BlackFriday2023
  • Nov 26: Small Business Saturday #SmallBusinessSaturday
  • Nov 26: Cake Day #CakeDay2023
  • Nov 29: Greeting Card Day #GreetingCardDay
  • Nov 28: Cyber Monday #CyberMonday2023
  • Nov 29: Giving Tuesday #GivingTuesday2023

Click here for some Awesome November Social Media Holidays & Ideas (With Tips + Examples): https://localiq.com/blog/november-social-media-holidays-and-ideas/


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