Reaching For High Quality SEO

25 Mar 2022 Reaching For High Quality SEO

Can SEO be done the right way? Can optimizing a website be done with high-quality, trustworthy work that won’t fail in the next algorithm update?

Yes, you can become the great answer to a question and stay that way and become what Google is looking for in the best websites. SEO, or optimizing a website, is done in a variety of ways. As you look at what you can do, make sure you know Google’s best practices. This means making sure your technical aspects of your website, your on-site content, which includes photos, and lastly, your off-site linking are done with an eye towards Google’s best practices. This will produce high-quality and long-lasting SEO.


  • On-Site Content. Starting with your on-site content, longer is better, but babbling is bad. You need to have information present like an encyclopedia entry. Be the entry for your subject matter. Each page gets to be the answer for a specific topic. What do elephants eat? What other species live near elephants? You don’t necessarily put both of those answers in one encyclopedia entry, so don’t try to do that with your website content.
  • Technical SEO. Next is technical SEO—making sure your meta information, schema and data highlighter markup all strategically match what that page is about. After that, you can make sure your site is easy to use and loads quickly. Check that it doesn’t have a pop-up that blocks your entire page. Confirm your server is of good quality and that you don’t have any bad code loading items behind the curtain. Technical SEO comes into play behind the scenes, but Google is looking at it more as an indicator of quality against your competitors. You don’t have to be the best in the world as long as you are competing against your competitors and the work is done in a high-quality strategic way.
  • Off-Site Links. Off-site links are sometimes the hardest piece of SEO to control. These are links that are coming into your website from other websites. Linking can be done well with an eye for quality and long-term success, or it can be done badly with an eye for ease and cheapened trust.

As you optimize for search engines, you will start becoming a great answer to a question. People will come to your site to get what you have. As you work on your website, the important thing to think about is, “Why is my website there? What does it do well? Who needs that information?” After that, you then consider, “How can I make it easy for them to get what they need?” When you answer those questions, your website will start to flow.

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