Safely Reopening the Workplace

28 May 2020 Safely Reopening the Workplace

The responsibility and thus liability of public health has shifted from the public to the private sector,  COVID-19 demand business owners to carefully plan their reopening strategy. These management decisions will not only affect their employees and customers, but also their family, friends and neighbors.

It is wise to have a framework to guide managers during these uncertain times.

  • Information-based solutions – predict who is infectious or immune, thus bringing the decision to who gets to enter the workplace.
  • Always-on solutions –  technology and processes that limit the spread of the virus in the workplace.

It comes down to having solid preventative processes, quick isolation measures while still making it possible for workers to do their jobs for business to run smoothly.

“Together, these decisions will determine whether your business can survive and thrive while we wait for a treatment or a vaccine.”

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