SEO vs. PPC: Pros, Cons & an Integrated Approach


22 May 2017 SEO vs. PPC: Pros, Cons & an Integrated Approach

What do you prefer: Search Engine Optimization or paid search marketing efforts?

Bringing in visitors to your website organically often results in higher volume and lower cost per lead, versus paying per click. However, nowadays it can be fairly hard to rank in search engines if you are just beginning with your SEO efforts. In this case, paying per click (for ex: Google AdWords) can result in more leads and be the better option.

There are advantages and disadvantages for both strategies.

Some pros for SEO:

Awareness – When doing SEO right, your website will rank high in search engines, which increases the visibility of your company.

Branding – When search engines see your website as a trusted brand, this can lead to your website becoming an authority website, which will result in more leads.

Credibility and trust – When potential customers do a Google search for your website and you are in the top search results, it creates a sense of credibility and trust for your audience.

Sustainability – With paid search marketing you will not have the benefit of traffic coming in after you stop your campaign. When doing SEO right, you will continue to have ongoing traffic to your website.
Some pros for PPC:

Position on the page – With paid search, your content will show up as one of the first search results. People do not have to scroll down to find your website.

Improved ads – When paying for advertisements, you have more control and can target your content more specifically.

Visual advertisements – When you are selling a product, Google will show images with your Google advertisement. This shows your audience what they are going to see when they click on your link, which brings your advertisements and landing pages more in line with each other.

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