Top digital marketing trends and predictions for 2022

23 Dec 2021 Top digital marketing trends and predictions for 2022

Straight from the experts, some predictions for top marketing trends that will shape 2022. Be ready for shifts in the way the industry approaches inclusive marketing campaigns, shoppable content, and more. Here’s what we’re expecting next year:

Identity is intersectional

The pandemic has highlighted, and sometimes intensified, structural inequalities. In the midst of this, people’s expectations are growing for brands to take a more nuanced approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. To be truly representative you need to understand the many identities that matter to people in your market and get hyper-local with your efforts.

To evolve your approach in 2022, start by researching what identity means in your market. Then incorporate these learnings into every stage of the creative process, including updating the language and designs you use. Build campaigns that are representative and accessible. And know that people change and evolve as new experiences, needs, and interests emerge. Diversity, equity, and inclusion in marketing is an ongoing process — there is no finish line.

Getting privacy right matters today — and tomorrow

People are taking more steps than before to protect their privacy.  In 2022, marketers need to focus on building a data protection strategy that is customer-first. That means rethinking methods for measuring and reaching audiences, so people feel in control and able to manage the data they share. It takes time to build trust. And marketers can start today by being open and honest about how and when they collect personal information, using this to show ads that are valuable to customers, and by putting users in control of their data.

Relevance is as important as reach

It can be difficult for your brand to be seen in the complex “messy middle” of a consumer’s purchase journey. To stand out in 2022, brands should be more intentional about communicating their value and authentic purpose. You have to create messages and experiences that are true to your brand and relevant to people, reflecting their needs. In this context, relevance is as important as reach.

By leaning into brand purpose and expressing value in a way that is authentic and consistent, brands can connect meaningfully with audiences and drive business results. So in 2022, focus on value and authentic purpose. This is what can — and will — differentiate your brand within the crowded online purchase journey.

“Shoppable” content

People can now buy products directly from social posts, when tuning into favorite shows, and while watching YouTube content on connected TVs.

Storytelling is key to creating content that people want to shop from. Effective shoppable creatives should be anchored in the ABCD framework:

  • Attention: Hook and sustain people with an immersive story
  • Branding: Brand early, often, and richly
  • Connection: Help people think and feel something
  • Direction: Ask them to take action

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