Travel and Hospitality Search Trends 2021

Travel Search Trends

26 Oct 2021 Travel and Hospitality Search Trends 2021

When will the travel and hospitality industry get back to pre-pandemic levels? When it comes to leisure travel, the answer is sooner than you might’ve ever thought possible.

That means getting ahead of the competition is more important than ever before. These travel and hospitality search trends from 2021 will help you better understand the reasons why some domains drive more online traffic than others. It will also help you identify future travel trends faster.

  • Kayak is outpacing even Google in terms of market share!

Chart top flight services

  • Interestingly, searches for Airbnb are equal to where they were pre-pandemic.

Chart Top accommodations

  • Pet-friendly policies, in-room jacuzzis, pools, and extended stay options top the list of amenities people want!

Search accommodations type

  • Travelers mostly planned international flights to nearby resort destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean.

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