Why You Should Care More About Customer Satisfaction Than You Currently Do

30 May 2022 Why You Should Care More About Customer Satisfaction Than You Currently Do

Acquiring new customers is 5-25% more expensive than keeping those you have, so keeping them happy should be a high priority. And a well-executed survey can do much more than gauge their happiness. It can garner feedback that benefits your business in a variety of ways:

  • Confirms value to customers.
  • Identifies gaps in service.
  • Gleans insight into high-performing teams.
  • Gathers customer testimonials.
  • Uncovers opportunities to deepen customer relationships.
  • Retains customers.

If your organization has core values, consider measuring whether your customer or client interactions align with those values. Maybe you already know an area where your organization can improve. Consider asking customers pointed questions about that area.

Map your process

Just as important as how you implement your customer survey is where the data goes. Each time a client fills out a survey, the results should automatically populate in your organization’s back-end software.

If your survey is well-executed, it will not be a one-time exercise. The results of every survey your organization conducts should be easy to access and utilize. The more automated you make the process, the less manual work your team will have to do. Automation also ensures data is captured immediately and accurately.

It’s important to consider when the survey should take place (after an interaction with your website or app? During business hours?), the customers involved (those you already do business with and whose opinions you value), how the survey will be sent (email, text or both?) and who it will be sent to (all customers or a specific segment you’re hoping to target?).

Develop and launch the questionnaire

One of the easiest ways to gather customer feedback is by emailing them a link to take a survey. Programs like HubSpot and SurveyMonkey make it easy to build and customize surveys. The best surveys are short, sweet and targeted. If your customers are overwhelmed with the length of the survey, they’re less likely to complete it. Ask only the most essential questions.

Find out more about collecting customer satisfaction data

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