7 Powerful Platforms for Social Media Marketing


Wondering how to get started with Social Media Marketing for your business?

Before you start posting, or even creating content, it’s advisable to know what social media platform you will be making use of. If you’ll be using different platforms to promote your brand or business, then you most probably will have to adjust your content for the varying places where they will be published.

Not too familiar with the platforms? No problem! Let us help you level up your social media knowledge by exploring 7 popular social media platforms:

1. Facebook

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*Alexa Traffic Ranking: 3 (Global Rank) |  3 (Rank in the U.S.A)

2018 Users: ? 2, 320, 000, 000

Trademark(s): Facebook Profiles for personal accounts, Facebook Pages for businesses accounts (and more), Facebook Events to remind users of specific location-based events, Facebook Groups to keep an open discussion going, and their ‘Memories’ feature which gives you friendly reminders of posts that occurred on the same day, but in previous years.

Tip from the Team: if you want to connect your business with the local community, and this is especially true for Aruba, create a Facebook Page for your business and start building your presence online by liking other pages, inviting people to like your page, and creating engaging content!

2. Twitter

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*Alexa Traffic Ranking: 11 (Global Rank) | 7 (Rank in the U.S.A)

2018 Users: ? 321, 000, 000

Trademark(s): 280 characters per post, or less (this limit used to be 140 characters), make for opinionated  and fast-paced posts. With Twitter’s Worldwide, or Region-based, ‘trends’ you can get involved in conversations between hundreds and thousands of individuals around the world.

Tip from the Team: Since Twitter is basically built for short-and-sweet posts, it is great for engaging with followers without having to commit to lengthy conversations. It also gives you the opportunity to see what’s ‘the buzz’ around your neck of the woods, which can be a great insider’s tip when having to create new and relevant content for your business.

3. Instagram

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*Alexa Traffic Ranking: 16 (Global Rank) | 10 (Rank in the U.S.A)

2018 Users: ? 1, 000, 000, 000

Trademark(s): Endless scrolling and double-tapping. Double-tapping your phone screen while checking out a post on Instagram results in a giant heart appearing on the image and then slowly fading away, but leaving behind your ‘post like’. The double-tap feature was a major game changer for social networking as it promoted quick likes since it’s so easy to do. Visual content is very prominent when it comes to Instagram. It used to be all about images on your Insta Account, but nowadays there’s also Stories, which allows users to share temporary content that becomes visible via their profile for 24 hours, and then disappears. Businesses even make use of Stories to share article links with followers, some Insta-friendly apps allow this with the ‘swipe up’ feature that easily redirects you to the article with just a swipe of your phone screen.

Tip from the Team: Instagram is congested with great content. Not only that, it is consistently updated with more and more content from its millions of users, so it is very important to create high quality, and visually-striking, content when trying to promote your business on Instagram. Creating shareable content will add to your INSTA success.

4. Pinterest

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*Alexa Traffic Ranking: 68 (Global Rank) | 27 (Rank in the U.S.A)

2018 Users: ? 250, 000, 000

Trademark: Pinterest is comparable to a virtual pin board, except way more awesome and organized. Pinners (what Pinterest users are referred to) boast about the immense amount of inspiration they consistently find on Pinterest. Everything from vegan recipes, to DIY home projects, to fashion looks, to workout regimes, to meal plans, can all be found on Pinterest. You ‘pin’ (aka save, or add) content that you like to your ‘boards’. People create everything from ‘wedding ideas’ boards to ‘dream home’ boards, to ‘career goals’ boards.

Tip from the Team: If you’re a business you can focus on creating content that is engaging, and pin-worthy, within your field to start getting seen by the Pinners of the world. One good tip is writing informative blogs that help consumers solve a problem, and then promoting it via Pinterest with an eye-catching graphic.

5. LinkedIn

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*Alexa Traffic Ranking: 25 (Global Rank) | 9 (Rank in the U.S.A)

2018 Users: ? 590, 000, 000

Trademark(s): Linkedin is definitely the top gun when it comes to business-minded social networking. This social media platform is all about business, education, and professional growth. Professionals from all types of industries can connect with one another, and share articles and tips with their connections. LinkedIn also recommends its users to stay social by reminding them of their connections’ work anniversaries and new employment opportunities.

Tip from the Team: Want those B2B (Business-to-Business) connections? Start making use of LinkedIn for your business.

6. Youtube

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*Alexa Traffic Ranking: 2 (Global Rank) | 2 (Rank in the U.S.A)

2018 Users: ? 1, 000, 000, 000

Trademark(s): Youtube is definitely the most popular one by far with an estimated 1 billion unique monthly visitors (Netflix is a distant second with 150 million, followed by Vimeo with an estimated 130 million). What makes Youtube extra special? Besides the diverse types of content you can find on Youtube, such as beauty tutorials by bloggers, and the latest official music videos and movie trailers, this platform is also super user-friendly. Which in return easily helps promote the production and distribution of more video content through their platform.

Tip from the Team: Video seems to be growing in popularity when it comes to digital content, thus making sure your business starts creating videos and getting involved with the motion picture industry will ensure for your business to stay relevant, exciting, and modern too.

7. Snapchat

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*Alexa Traffic Ranking: 4,628 (Global Rank) | 2,001 (Rank in the U.S.A)

2018 Users: ? 186, 000, 000

Trademark(s): Snapchat was the original platform to offer the 24-hour content showing-and-disappearing feature. What makes Snapchat stand out? Their exceptionally awesome filters (they even have ones where animal ears and noses appear on you and your friend’s faces via their face recognition technology) and the personable connection of Snapchat. Since this app is mainly focused on your friend list and posts, there are much less distractions compared to other platforms that are bustling with content and notifications all over the place.

Tip from the Team: You can make use of Snapchat to engage on a much more personable level with your followers. Creating unique snap filters for your business based on location is also a fun way to get people promoting your business, all the while having fun.

Now that you’ve got the update on some of the globe’s most popular social media platforms, you can continue with your digital marketing planning and strategy sessions!

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*Alexa Page Ranking as of 03/07/2019, indicates how the specific site ranks compared to other sites.

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