CaribMedia’s Year in Review

As we wrap up January we have taken a look back at some of the milestones and significant numbers for 2016, a bit of a retrospective on what our team at CaribMedia accomplished last year. We would like to share some impressive numbers that we will continue to build upon during 2017! Take a look at our infographics to better understand all that we do on a daily basis when it comes to our services and mission to better serve our clients!

1) Website Development & Support

Website development and the necessary support around websites we create is possibly one of the more satisfying services that we are also very proud of. Our web design approach brings together several areas of expertise plus years of experience in planning, content strategy, design and development, optimization for Google and outright site performance, e-commerce, custom programming and a strong focus on appealing to the end-customer to maximize a website’s effectiveness. As soon as a project is finalized we are already preparing for the next and are often juggling several website projects at a time.

Customer service truly lies at the core of our mission with timely response and a quick support turnaround being key elements. Inquiries and support requests fill up our inbox every day and we are ready to handle them! Many tickets are created and resolved on a daily basis. We offer website support for quick content updates, website security maintenance and upgrades.

CaribMedia developed and supported dozens of sites during 2016. We opened and resolved over 3,345 support tickets amounting to hundreds of man hours in website support for over 100 websites. Our average turnaround time for support tickets is same day (and often less where possible)!

2) Website and Email Hosting

To be effective websites must be hosted on fast, reliable servers. In 2016 we upgraded the hosting platform for more than 145 websites that we manage. The remaining ones are currently in progress during 2017. We host more than 155 websites generating over 100 Terabytes in data transfer in 2016. We also offer domain registration managing more than 300 domains for over 135 clients.

For email hosting, we manage over 700 mailboxes across 90 different domains, handling 18 Terabytes of email data.

3) Promotion

Marketing and promotion is a big part of our everyday work routine. In order to be successful in marketing and promotion we do our best to maintain regular contact with our clients, ensuring we receive current content on a regular basis. We stay up to date by proactively monitoring websites and social media channels. Marketing and promotion is a continuous process and with such great clients we always look forward to what’s next and try to give content a creative twist of our own. Contributing to our client’s overall success is definitely one of the most rewarding aspects of our work!

To do this we promote clients through our own channels such as (including the mobile app for iOS and Android), the VisitAruba Plus Discount Program and These channels deliver direct business leads and targeted traffic to our clients’ websites leading to higher sales and increased business, which makes clients happy!

For each of our channels we promote our clients in various ways, by publishing their specials or events, including them in our monthly newsletters, sharing press releases, including features in our VisitAruba blog, highlighting clients in our daily VisitAruba email inquiries or including them in our numerous social media posts. Our social media following has also grown considerably in 2016, exceeding 50,000 social media followers across channels.

In 2016 we promoted in excess of 135 clients across, and our mobile apps for tablets and phones, and also on our social media channels.

As an example, restaurants promoted on, and our mobile apps, generated more than 1,700 reservations generating 6,745 restaurant covers, which if taken at an average spend per person of say US$50 would exceed US$335,000 in revenue generated. had in excess of 1.2 million visitors in 2016, generating almost 350,000 click-throughs to client sites, an average click-through rate of 30%! We also responded to a multitude of varied inquiries from tourists during 2016, involving over 2,500 tourism-related emails.
We are very happy with the services provided in 2016 and our positive relationships with each and every one of our clients. The positive feedback we receive from clients on completing work is also very encouraging to our team. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your business and look forward continuing down the road to success all round in 2017 – your continued success is ours too!

View our full infographic of 2016.

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