Halloween Weekend 2017 Presents Treats for the Techies and Entrepreneurs of Aruba with Atech

There are only a few hours and minor minutes left for the countdown of this weekend’s creative blastoff! Aruba’s social networking scene gets Atech-ed this weekend with a wide variety of success-driven startups, eager entrepreneurs, and motivational masters from all over the globe, all coming together on our One Happy Island. The 2017 Atech Conference will be hosted by the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino. This year marks the third year of the wildly renowned tech conference deemed by the team at Atech as:

“The hottest tech conference in the most creative hub in the Caribbean.”

The conference motto itself is one to burst your imagination into a million idea-generating molecules –DISRUPT. INNOVATE. CREATE. – And this is exactly what the 3-day event promises to bring on to Aruba’s future business leaders’ and industry innovators’ plates. The conference kicks off today at the local-favorite lounge bar, Craft, where attendees, speakers, and the Atech team can indulge in a drink and a chat, post the first day’s earlier workshops and presentations.

Aside from the cheering-crowds and hand-clapping events of the hottest tech conference in the Caribbean, there will also be a RegTech Conference, presented by CBA , the Central Bank of Aruba, at the Hilton Aruba Resort on Saturday October 28th, 2017. This event deemed Regathon: the Hackathon of RegTech, sets a 12-hour timeframe for its participating teams. Teams are expected to be composed of specialists ranging from diverse industries such as graphic design and web development. The main question that the teams will have to tackle is as stated on CBA’s informational page as:

“How can RegTech be deployed to meet the demands of increasing compliance, customization and connectivity, in order to promote financial transparency, integrity and resiliency?”

For more information on the details pertaining to the 2017 Atech Conference in Aruba, just take a glimpse at their Facebook page and/or their website.

We are excited to experience the tech-filled treats that this weekend holds, are you?

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Published on October 26th 2017. Written by Megan Rojer.

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