TERROR #11: Swordfish


TERROR #11 of our 13 Days of TECH Terror, Halloween countdown, goes to spooktacular film, Swordfish! Discover why this particular film was featured in our 13 Days of TECH Terror lineup below.

Twisted Tech: Computers 💻

Why is it Spooky?

Swordfish is scary in the kind of way that the types of dangerous and life-threatening aspects in the film seem to be much more reachable for the average Joe (or computer enthusiast aka everyone in today’s time). From cyber attacks to terrorist-like behavior, the actions in this film seem all-too-possibly-real, because our world has already experienced such dangers. Maybe not as spooky for most, but a very suspenseful story-line, especially for the hacker who has a gun aimed at his head and an impossible deadline to reach.

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