The Importance of Landing Pages for your Online Marketing Strategy

An online ad helps people to become aware of your business, and usually includes a link to your website. But have you thought about the importance of where on your website you are sending your traffic? Have all your social media posts and paid Google advertisements been leading people to your home page? Great, your ad was effective enough to lead people to your website. But what’s next? There is a strong possibility that your online advertising efforts have not led to your maximum lead conversion potential.

If this is what you have been doing up until now, you have forgotten the main reason for leading traffic to your website: a call to action. That is exactly what landing pages are for. Landing pages are pages on your website designed to serve a specific purpose and to lead website visitors to take a particular action. For example, your Facebook ad says to click here and sign up for a free consultation. Once a user clicks on your Facebook ad, he or she is led to a landing page, with specific information about signing up for the consultation. The landing page is clear and to the point, and has all the information necessary for the user to take the desired action, in this case signing up. Basically when the page content matches what the person is expecting based on the message that was provided on the ad in the first place, it leads to higher conversions.

If the ad had led the person to the home page of your website, he or she would have had a more difficult time finding the section to sign up for the free consultation. What happens in most cases is that the person becomes distracted with other components of your website, and completely forgets to sign up. Therefore, a well-designed and specific landing page is necessary to keep people focused on the action you want them to take.

Mobile App Landing PageThis is an example of a landing page from, which encourages visitors to download the VisitAruba Mobile App. The page has a visible title describing the offering “Free VisitAruba Mobile App”, and a clear call to action informing people what they came to do in this page “Get the App”. In addition, the captivating image shows users exactly what the app looks like, and the copy gives more detailed information about the app’s features. There are also two visible buttons to easily take the desired action of downloading the app in the App Store and Google Play. Everything customers need to know about this product is on the landing page, which keeps them focused on the call to action.

The concept of a landing page can be applied to any call to action. Whether you want prospects to subscribe for your e-mail newsletter, make a purchase online, or even just get in contact with you, a customized landing page is the best way to do it. Convert your prospects into customers by having all the information they need to take action in one page.

CaribMedia designs modern websites with the latest technologies to help you achieve your business goals. If you want to add a customized, functional landing page to your website you can contact us.  We will be glad to help!

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